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Sarah & Scott

Length of Marrige:  12 years

Number of Children:  1

State of Residence: Colorado

Placement Preferences:  Scott and Sarah wish to adopt one child between 0-12 months old. They are approved to adopt a child of either gender and have also been approved for Asian, Biracial, Caucasian, Hispanic, and Pacific Islander. They are comfortable with sharing pictures and letters and would prefer to have some sort of open relationship with the birth parents.

Name: Scott

Job: High School Social Studies Teacher

Education: Masters In Education



  •  growing vegetables in our garden
  •  cooking
  •  building crazy contraptions with Alex
  •  playing guitar and mandolin
  •  a cup of coffee on Saturday morning
  •  snuggling in bed with Sarah and our kitty
  •  Shriracha hot sauce on almost everything
  •  cheese and crackers after work

Scott About Sarah:

Sarah is my lifelong partner and a wonderful mother to our son. She is patient and loving and always gives Alexander second chances. I love that she has so much compassion for people, animals and the environment. She is passing this compassion on to our son by doing things like getting him involved with a fund raising drive that she organizes every summer to help people in need. Sarah is my best friend. She is smart and adventurous, but also playful and silly at times. She’s great at planning social activities for us with other families. She has taught me so much over the years: about the importance of family, caring for others, and staying healthy

Name: Sarah

Job: High School Counselor

Education: Masters In Counseling

Religion: Christian


  • making up silly songs to sing around the house (about tying shoes or eating Kit Kat bars, for example!)
  • vacations at hot springs
  • school field trips with Alex’s class
  • dark chocolate
  • comedy movies (especially with Ben Stiller)
  • playing hide and seek with Alex
  • meeting people from other countries

Sarah About Scott:

I couldn’t have imagined a better husband or father for my children. My friends and family often tell me what a great man I married. All I can do is smile. Scotty celebrates our anniversary every year by getting me flowers that are the same color as at our wedding- purple and orange. He sometimes still makes a homemade birthday card for me, and gives me birthday gifts like his specialty back rub or a romantic dinner up in the mountains. He also cooks great Thai food! He has always been adventuresome, something I love about him. We’ve traveled the world together. When we went to teach English in Japan, he wanted to live in a small town where no one would speak English. We both knew this would force us to learn Japanese-it did!


About Us

We think of our relationship as a bit like chocolate covered pretzels. We each have unique qualities that, when you mix them together, end up even better. And we always stick together. This recipe has worked for us for almost 20 years. Maybe that’s why they happen to be one of our favorite treats! We met at college in New York State. Sarah was studying psychology and singing in a campus rock band as well as the college choir. Scott was studying economics and was a leader for outdoor education trips. When he heard Sarah was from his mother’s hometown of Rochester, NY, he knew he had to meet her. Our adventuresome spirit means that we had our first real conversation inside a cave—really. Scott was the leader for this trip, and Sarah, always ready to try something new, wanted to go. A few weeks later we went on our first date to see a movie, and then our lives together began.


Adoption In Our Lives

Meet Alexander:

Alexander and Scott showing off the vegetables from our garden!

Recently he said “Mom, when my brother or sister comes, I want to go to Target and get a stuffed animal for them right away.” The last time we went to visit his great-grandma, he made sure to bring along knock-knock jokes and riddles to cheer her up. He also enjoys looking at the comics each day, and he laughs even when he doesn’t exactly get the jokes.

On a typical day, you’ll find Alex playing with Legos, throwing a toy for our kitty ‘Sputnik’, building “contraptions” or couch-cushion forts, and playing with his friends.

He loves his new scooter and enjoys performing with his children’s choir and doing magic tricks for family and friends. He also plays soccer and basketball with the YMCA.

Our Parenting Style

Time is what we’ll give most to your child. TV isn’t big at our house. We prefer to spend time with each other playing games, doing puzzles and sharing about each other’s days. However, we definitely enjoy family movie night down in our basement on the big screen.

We want our kids to be lifelong learners so we believe in making learning fun. Every day we read books and it seems we are always teaching Alexander something new. We take the lead from him and teach him new things when he is ready. Giving him a choice always makes it the most fun! Recently he asked to make his own PB+J for lunch; it was the teachable moment.

By the way, he hasn’t asked since!

Our Lifestyle

Music is our hobby.

We love vacationing in new places!

Staying Active

Sarah & Scott

Our Extended Family

Family Reunion in New Hampshire

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