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Jason, Cristie and Roxie hiking.


Length of Marrige: 8.5 years

Number of Children: 1

State of Residence: Colorado

Placement Preferences: Jason and Cristie are hoping to adopt one child between 0-1 years old. They are approved to adopt a child of either gender and a child who is Caucasian, American Indian/Alaskan, or Biracial. They are hoping to keep in contact with the birth parents with pictures and letters. They would be happy to talk to the birth parents and decide what level of contact works for everyone.



Name: Jason

Job: Veterinarian

Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Religion: None


  • Food – Steak

  • Color – Blue

  • T.V. Show – Curb Your Enthusiasm

  • Sport – Mountain Biking

Jason About Cristie:

 Cristie’s favorite thing is being a mother.  She also works as a veterinarian and has interests outside of work, but the best part of her day is spending time with her family.  Her interests range from gardening to reading to art to exercise, but sometimes it is hard to find the time for hobbies!  She loves the outdoors, and wants to instill this in her children.  Cristie spends a lot of time with Sophie between chauffeuring her to preschool, dance classes, and playdates, and also just hanging out, playing, drawing, and reading.  Cristie is also pretty laidback, though does like to try to keep things organized.  Cristie and Jason have similar parenting styles and make an effort to work together and be consistent.  She feels it is important to provide a loving, stable home environment

Name: Cristie

Job: Veterinarian

Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Religion: None


  • Book – Time Traveler’s Wife

  • T.V. Show – Modern Family

  • Vacation Spot – Anywhere with a Beach!

  • Family Activity – Hiking

Cristie About Jason:

Jason is an active, easy going father.  He is also a veterinarian and a business owner.  As part of his work he donates time to a local animal rescue organization.  Jason has many interests outside of work including music, cooking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and trail running.  He is a very attentive father, and spends a lot of time with our daughter.   Even when our child was an infant, Jason was involved with feedings, diapers, and became a pro at swaddling.   Now that she is older, Sophie loves playing pretend dance class and princess games.  Though probably not his first choice, Jason will sit down and play “girlie” games with her.  Jason is pretty relaxed as a father, but still realizes it is important to be a parent rather than a friend, even with young children.   Though our daughter is young we do work together to give her consistent expectations of good behavior (respecting others, helping, bed time, table manners, etc).  Most importantly Jason loves being a father and it shows!

About Us

What Led Us to Choose Adoption


Jason, baby Sophie, and Juno hiking by Breckenridge.

We have thought a lot about what adoption means to our family.  It honestly feels like an answer to our prayers for another child.   We know that the responsibility that comes with adoption is huge, and will never forget that.  Loving and accepting another child is easy, but we will also work hard to be the best parents we can be.  We plan about talking about adoption from birth, and being open about where our child came from and what adoption means.  We will always be positive about our child’s birth parents and their decision, and will give our child a strong sense of stability and belonging in our lives.  We will work with the birth parent(s) to choose a level of contact that we are both comfortable with, but would love to exchange pictures and letters to keep in touch.  Our child will know that he or she is loved and cherished.

Our Family


Jason, Sophie, and Cristie at the pumpkin patch.

As a family we love to explore Colorado and go biking, hiking, and camping.  Sophie was hiking with us when she was only a few weeks old!  She loved the Baby Bjorn, and slept on most of the trails.  Now that she is older she is navigating trails on her own.  We love to check out the wildflowers, streams, mountains, and wildlife.  Camping is a bit of a challenge with children, but it is great to get away from everything and spend time together as a family.  S’mores are definitely a favorite!  In Colorado winter doesn’t stop us from getting outside.  Winter sports are great for even young kids, and we spend time sledding and skiing. Hopefully we’ll work in ice skating next winter!

We are lucky to be close to our parents and siblings.  Cristie has some immediate family (her mother, brother, sister, and sister-in-law) in the same town.  Jason’s family and the rest of Cristie’s family live farther away but are still close to our hearts.  Sophie loves spending time with her 7 cousins, and looks forward to their visits.  We try to time vacations so the kids can get together.  Sophie and her cousin Deanne are very close and love going to Florida together.


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